If you’ve gone through the trauma of experiencing a serious personal injury, you may be considering possible attorneys to consult to take on your case. The stature of large firms may be attractive to you, but more people-power at a firm could actually be a detriment to your claim. Getting lost in the mix may cause you to not receive the detailed attention your case needs in order to succeed.

Having a personal injury attorney whom you can call as a partner, one who gets to know all the details of your claim and is prepared to present them in a trial, may be more beneficial than agreeing to work with a big firm. Here are some things to consider.

At a Big Firm, You Risk Being Just a Case Number

Large firms may have the advantage of having a recognizable name and big-budget advertisements, but when you decide to work with one on a personal injury case, you run the risk of having your case passed off to lawyers you didn’t expect. Often at large firms, junior attorneys will work on many case aspects because of the large volume the firm handles. This means that who you meet with may not actually be handling your case behind the scenes.

When you work with an independent attorney, he or she is the one who will:

  • Determine if your case is worth taking up
  • Meet with the client to gain direct insight into the case
  • Work on evidence gathering and witness and expert testimony preparation
  • Handle all aspects of the case should it go to trial

A close relationship with a personal attorney gives you direct access to the most recent developments in your case and enables clients to be aware of progress. Having direct access to the person who is working on your case decreases confusion or having to go through several parties to get answers you want and need.

A Partner Is an Ally Who Can Offer Support

Any serious accident and personal injury case is bound to be emotionally taxing because of the stress and trauma experienced. If you are a victim, you deserve someone in your corner who will fight to help you fully recover, financially and emotionally. A personal injury attorney at a smaller firm is highly invested in your case and will do everything possible to be your ally, especially when they are working on a contingency basis, because they don’t get paid unless you do.

Larger firms that are handling multiple cases may not put the same focus and effort into each case. You run the risk of your attorneys at a larger firm neglecting your case and trying to push you into a smaller settlement. Whether it is because of the large volume of claims they are handling, being overworked, stressed or not having anything to motivate them to go the extra mile you. When you file a claim due to negligence because of another party, the last thing you want is negligence on behalf of your attorney who should be fighting for you.

More Investment Can Increase Likelihood of Success

Working with a dedicated attorney who knows every aspect of your case makes them more prepared and capable to present the very best evidence while making the most compelling argument to achieve maximum compensation for you. Working with a team may mean that your case is diluted. Some attorneys know only a small part or delegate a large portion to junior attorneys and paralegals. It’s up to you to trust that they’ll all come together for the best possible outcome. When you work with an attorney you can trust, you can be confident that they have everything they need to make your claim successful.

Training and understanding of legal aspects are major factors in winning a personal injury lawsuit, too. An experienced personal injury lawyer will have worked on a wide variety of claims, so that he or she can apply their vast knowledge to your case for a positive outcome. Solo attorneys are also constantly learning and expanding their knowledge base, because of the diversity of clients they serve. Junior attorneys who are working on your case may never have dealt with your type of situation or may be limited to a certain specialty, and could miss crucial elements that could make or break your case.

Do You Want to Just Be a Number?

Filing a personal injury claim requires a significant emotional and time investment. Experiencing frustration because you have to deal with a large team that doesn’t seem focused on your case can add more stress than you needed or anticipated. When you work with a personal injury attorney who dedicates their time and energy to your case, you can be assured that someone is working to help you and has your best interests in mind.

Being comfortable with your attorney is necessary in order to be able to provide them with all of the information they will need for your case. Having a close working relationship will also help you to be able to get support and understand how your case is progressing. Your claim may be delayed or rushed at a large firm without getting your input and making sure you are comfortable with the decisions and direction your lawyer or firm is taking. An independent attorney who is working on your case will optimize their time to make sure that they’re getting the most out of the time they are spending on your case and effectively juggling multiple cases to ensure that their attention is where it should be.

No matter what type of firm you decide to work with, your feelings about the competence of your attorney should be positive. You can consult with multiple firms before making a decision that will likely affect the rest of your life.