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Arizona is a unique blend of urbanization with the retainment of ranching and livestock building. As a result, Arizona accidents caused by livestock entering urban areas may result in serious or deadly car accidents. It’s important to be aware of the risks and to consult with a Phoenix personal injury lawyer if you have been in an accident involving livestock. Matt Millea has experience with these highly specialized cases, which gives you an advantage in your claim.

Ranchers and livestock owners are not protected by an open range policy, and they have a duty to maintain and contain their animals in a safe manner to protect the public. The Millea Law Firm will work with you to understand your case, determine who is at fault and work with you to get the fair compensation you and your loved ones deserve.


Livestock owners have a duty to ensure that their animals are confined to appropriate lands and are unable to wander out into the general population. On roads and beyond the ranch, they can cause hazardous auto accidents, which may result in injury or even death. Because these animals are so large, collisions with them often result in a severe impact and often warrant assistance from an auto accident lawyer because of damage to a vehicle and passengers.

If the animal’s owner was negligent in securing their livestock, it is possible to make a claim against the owner for any property damage sustained, as well as for your resulting injuries. Examples of negligence include:

  1. Not taking adequate precautions to contain the livestock
  2. Neglecting to repair fences or other measures the owner has put in place to secure the animals
  3. Failing to supervise and check on the animals to ensure they do not have access to populated areas where accidents are likely to occur

As in any car accident, after an accident with livestock, it is vital to remain calm and contact emergency services. Get the medical treatment you need, make sure you document the scene and do not admit any guilt or fault in the accident. It is important to contact an accident attorney who has dealt with livestock accidents such as cattle and horses to consult with you on the accident and whether or not you have a case.


If you have been involved in a serious livestock accident, contacting a local personal injury, like attorney Matt Millea, who has experience handling livestock collision and accident cases is necessary. Leaving your case with an experienced lawyer will allow you to be able to focus on healing and recuperating from this ordeal and remove the additional stress of things like lost wages and medical bills.

As your attorney, Matt will investigate and determine who the responsible owner of the livestock is, obtain any applicable insurance information in order to present a claim, and collect all the materials needed to document your claim.

Often, these types of cases may result in disputed liability. When liability disputes arise, it is especially important to have an accident lawyer on your side who is not afraid to argue your position, assert your rights, and take your claim to trial if need be. Because cases like this are less common, it is also important to choose a lawyer with previous experience in this area. You can count on Matt’s expertise and work ethic to be an asset to your claim.

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