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Matt took my case after I suffered a horrific accident which was then exacerbated by sub-standard medical care. Matt was my advocate through all of it. He was there with me as I stood at death’s doorstep (more than once) and provided guidance and oversight. Matt ALWAYS worked for my best interest. He called in experts and partners at appropriate junctures, not just to bolster and manage my case, but to insure my well-being.

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Matt Millea will not only fight for you, but he will fight for your loved one.

The death of a spouse, family member, child or other loved one is one of the most difficult experiences anyone can face. The extreme sadness associated with this type of loss is compounded when you believe that your loved one’s death was preventable, that it was due to a lack of care or negligence on the part of someone else.

While no amount of money can ever make up for the person you have lost, if someone else is to blame for the death, you may be entitled to compensation for financial, as well as emotional, loss. Arizona laws protect the family members of victims in these situations. The Millea law firm can help you navigate the complexities as you heal, with the help of an experienced and skilled Phoenix wrongful death attorney.


Wrongful death claims differ from typical personal injury claims because it is the family, rather than the individual who was injured, making the claim. The types of damages awarded are thus different, as well. Compensation is not based on elements like pain and suffering. Rather, wrongful death claims are intended to address the financial and emotional harms suffered by the surviving family members. This is why it’s essential to enlist an experienced wrongful death attorney in Phoenix to fight for the right type of compensation.

Wrongful death claims can stem from a variety of scenarios, including fatal car accidentsmedical malpracticedefective productsconstruction accidents, reactions to medications, and attacks by animals. In all of these circumstances, if the situations resulted from the negligence of another party, then a wrongful death claim may exist.

Statutes define both the period of time during which these types of claims can be brought, as well as who is eligible to bring such claims.

If you have lost a loved one because of someone else’s negligence then it is very important that you speak with a wrongful death lawyer. Contact us today online or call us at 480-462-5540! We offer free consultations and proudly serve clients from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and the metro area.


While nothing can replace or make up for the person you lost, holding the responsible party accountable is important. Wrongful death claims can be quite complicated, both because the potential damages in such cases are likely to be substantial, and because the defendant will not want to be found responsible for someone’s death. In light of this, it is especially important to have a skilled trial Scottsdale wrongful death lawyer like Matt Millea on your side.

Millea understands that it can seem overwhelming to explore your legal rights while coping with your loss. Millea will ensure that any wrongful death claim you have is protected and does not lapse due to time. Having Millea on your side will allow you to focus on the grieving process and ensure that any legal matters are taken care of.

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