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The Millea Law Firm handles many types of vehicular collision cases including ones involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles. He also handles multiple types of accident and negligence cases including ones that involve construction and mining accidents; burn injuries; brain injuries; livestock accidents; and cases involving defective products. He has successfully represented a number of clients who were seriously injured or lost loved ones.

“Unlike other lawyers, trial lawyers donā€™t charge those they help anything unless they recover money for them. Nothing makes me happier than improving the lives of victims by helping them obtain the fair compensation they deserve.”

Because Matt believes insurance companies will not pay top dollar unless they are certain that all parties are ready and willing to commit the time and money to take the case to trial, he prepares all his cases for trial. When the insurance company knows you and your attorney are willing to fight, it makes all the difference.

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I can’t say enough about Matt as a lawyer. He was always professional & legally prepared for all meetings & hearings. Beyond his legal ability, Matt cares about his clients and his kindness & patience throughout my case made it easy for me to get through the ordeal. I would highly recommend Matt as a lawyer.

Our choice to hire Matt as our representation for a personal injury case was the best choice we made during a very hard time. Meeting with a few groups of lawyers, Matt and his team stood out because they were humble and very truthful about the long/hard process ahead. He took the time to learn every in and out of my case so that he could fully understand how the accident occurred and every possible event that led up to that day. He is extremely professional but at the end of every conversation, took the time to find out how I was doing personally. He always kept my best interest as the priority. Matt will definitely go above and beyond the tasks needed to be prepared for the clients he takes on. If I had to guess, I would say he didn’t use 50% of the information he had gathered for my circumstances but nonetheless, makes sure he is prepared for any situation that can occur during the legal processes. If at anytime, we were feeling overlooked or confused by the legal process, Matt made priority to meet with us personally to answer all questions and assure us things were progressing in the direction we wanted. Our case couldn’t have yielded a more positive settlement- Thanks to Matt!

Matt took my case after I suffered a horrific accident which was then exacerbated by sub-standard medical care. Matt was my advocate through all of it. He was there with me as I stood at death’s doorstep (more than once) and provided guidance and oversight. Matt ALWAYS worked in my best interest. He called in experts and partners at appropriate junctures, not just to bolster and manage my case, but to ensure my well-being.

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