Personal Injury LawyerIf you’ve experienced a personal injury on the road, in public, at work, at someone else’s house or anywhere else, you may be wondering if the incident is severe enough to warrant contacting a personal injury lawyer for help. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means they’ll only take on cases they believe are substantial and have a chance of being won.

The good news is, many personal injury lawyers, like the Millea Law Firm, provide free consultations. This gives them an opportunity to examine all the important facts of a case to gain a clearer understanding so time is optimized. If you haven’t contacted a personal injury lawyer yet, there is usually no risk to you. Once you chat, here are some reasons why a personal injury attorney may decide to take on your case.

Negligence Is Clear

This is one of the most significant reasons that a personal injury lawyer finds a potential case winnable. As human beings, we all deserve protection in most situations, whether it’s being able to drive down the road safely, or not be harmed by the products we purchase. When a negligent action causes harm to someone, there might be a case, and lawyers who work on contingency want to take on cases that they have a good chance of winning.

Personal Injury LawyerAnother Party Is to Blame

If you did nothing to contribute to your injury and were otherwise behaving safely when you suffered damages, this makes it easier for a personal injury attorney to focus the case on the other party. There will be no confusion what portion of the blame you should face, which makes your case easier and simpler to present in court. If there was anything that you did that convolutes the case, such as not having insurance on you in an accident, it makes the case harder to tackle.

Damages Are Significant

Sometimes, the severity of damages does play a role in whether or not a personal injury attorney takes on a case. Unfortunately, you may have suffered severe emotional damage because of someone else’s actions, but a personal injury case is more likely to be pursued when there are bodily damages or damages to a vehicle or other equipment, because they’re considered real and measurable. Significant damages make it easier to create a damages claim that will be considered in court.

Personal Injury LawyerYou Want a Partner

Personal injury attorneys are weary of “attorney shoppers” who consult with multiple personal injury lawyers in hopes of getting the most money. Often, personal injury lawyers who work in the same area are professional contacts and will learn the reputations of potential problem clients. If you are looking for an attorney who will be a partner for you in your case and not just be someone to get you money, you more likely become a client a personal injury lawyer wants to work with. Attorneys are also more likely to take on a personal injury case when they have no personal ties to anyone else involved in the case, and when the person who approaches them behaves honestly, openly and ethically.

The Timing Is Right

Depending on the size of the firm you are approaching, taking on a winnable case may simply be a matter of resources. If an attorney you approach to take on your case denies it because they don’t have time or resources, they may be able to refer you to a colleague they trust and who can work on your case.

Things to Keep in Mind

Personal injury lawyers will also only take on cases that are within the statute of limitations, which restrict the time frame in which plaintiffs may file a claim. That’s why it’s so important to get a free consultation as soon as possible after your injury, so you have time to file a claim if you have a case. If you get denied, you can contact other attorneys, but if multiple ones deny helping you, it’s probably because your case does not fit one of the guidelines above.

Another way you can increase your chances of attracting a great lawyer to your case is by being proactive about organizing records, medical bills, photographic and video evidence, witness testimony and more. The more you can offer an attorney during the consultation, the clearer it also is to them whether or not they’d have a chance of winning your case.

If you live in Arizona and need help with a potential personal injury claim, contact the Millea Law Firm for personal injury lawyer information at (480) 462-5540. Matt Millea only works on a contingency basis, and all consultations are free.