Waiting by an auto accidentSince 2015, the number of car accidents, fatal crashes, injuries from car accidents and fatalities in Arizona have increased year-over-year. The Arizona Department of Transportation reports speeding is the most common driver violation, while rear-end crashes are the most common types of accidents. Besides neglecting speed limits, other hazards that pose dangers to drivers on Arizona roads include drinking and driving, drugged driving (including marijuana use) and distracted driving, including using smartphone technology while driving. There was even a case of a self-driving car crashing in Arizona in 2017, adding to the number of dangers you face while you drive.

Filing a police report imageIf you are involved in a car accident, it is important to call the police so that you can create a police report, which may play an important role in a claim. Document the scene of the accident by shooting photos on your smartphone, including damage to the vehicle and any injuries you sustain.

You should seek medical attention immediately. Even if you don’t believe you’ve experienced a serious injury, the shock of the accident may mask pain that can turn into long-term damage. Consulting with a medical professional helps protect your health and your standing in a future claim.

While you may have a pristine driving record and follow all rules and regulations before you get behind the wheel, unfortunately, you can’t avoid the bad driving behavior of others while you’re on the road. Consulting with a lawyer before you speak to an insurance adjuster is a wise idea because they can help guide you through the process and protect you from being swindled. As car accident numbers in Arizona continue to climb, here’s are some reasons to hire an auto accident lawyer if you’ve been in a crash.

The Other Party Denies Fault in a Car Crash

If you believe the other party is obviously at fault for a car accident you’re involved in, but they are denying fault, it is wise to “lawyer up”. Honestly convey your view of the accident to police and document what happened yourself for your records. Unclear liability may result in an insurance company not paying you the damages you deserve, and a Phoenix auto accident lawyer can help to obtain a fair determination of fault.

You Experience Serious Injuries

Photographing a car accident

After you’ve been to a doctor, if you have broken any bones, required hospitalization or experienced an injury that results in long-term damage, like paralysis, you deserve compensation. Costs include healing the physical injury, as well as mental stress, hassle and time missed off work. Simply filing a claim and working with insurance companies may result in you missing out on compensation you’re entitled to. As you recover, working with a Scottsdale car accident lawyer allows you to focus on healing while the complicated details of a claim and case are sorted out.

You Receive a Low Offer for Your Claim

If you have any doubt that the finances offered by an insurance company are lower than what you think you deserve from a claim, you should trust your intuition and contact a lawyer who specializes in Arizona accidents. Often, insurance companies strive to pay the least amount possible to parties involved in a crash. Consulting with an East Valley car accident lawyer can help give you insight into what you may be missing out on.

You Are Hit with a Lawsuit by the Other Party

If the other party claims that you are at fault for the accident and are seeking damages from you in the form of a lawsuit, it’s imperative to work with an attorney as soon as possible to protect yourself. Your attorney will be able to make sure all required documents are presented and make a compelling case for your part in the accident during a trial. It’s also vital to work with a lawyer if you discover your insurer is using an attorney for your case, or if you don’t have insurance at all.

Get a Free Consultation from a Reputable Accident Lawyer

In any case, where you’re unsure of something involving your car accident, it’s wise to err on the side of caution and consult with an attorney to see what your options are. From navigating complicated paperwork and insurance terms to bringing a case successfully to trial, working with an attorney after a stressful car accident can help you obtain the justice and peace you deserve.